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Sagebrush prefabricated kiosks are as versatile in application as they are in style and design. Our kiosks are made only using the highest quality materials and are sure to enhance the look of any site.

At Sagebrush, we work closely with you to design and deliver a kiosk that meets all of your building requirements while saving you time and money. Unlike traditional construction, prefabricated kiosks are manufactured indoors, eliminating weather delays and disruptions to your site.
Kiosks can be designed to include cash drawers, refrigeration units, restrooms, custom storage and cabinetry, water supply, and much more. Traditional kiosk applications include:
  • Gas Stations & Convenience Stores
  • Guard Houses
  • Access Control and Payment Booths
  • Equipment Storage
  • Restrooms
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While durable and built to last, Sagebrush prefabricated kiosks are not just for function, they're built for looks!

Adding a custom designed kiosk to your site elevates the aesthetics to whole new level and provide your customer with a better experience.
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Sagebrush kiosks are designed, constructed, and inspected in our Tulsa facility an shipped directly to you for quick and easy install.

Our kiosks are prefabricated indoors eliminating costly weather delays and disruption to your site.

Custom awnings, lighting, doors, and columns are just the beginning. Sagebrush kiosks are custom designed to meet your needs, inside and out.

Our design experts will work closely with you to design every detail of your kiosk, ensuring the highest quality result and best possible customer experience.
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