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High quality prefabricated modular buildings and kiosks since 1947.

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Sagebrush specializes in off-site construction of modular building solutions that offer exceptional quality buildings without sacrificing architectural design.

Our comprehensive design-build services means shorter construction time, more consistent quality, and significant savings for you.
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Sagebrush modular solutions serve numerous and diverse markets, including commercial, restaurant, education, and government.

Our team of designers work with you to customize your structure ensuring full functionality, aesthetics, and code compliance each step of the way.
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Custom built and delivered direct to your site, Sagebrush modular buildings are a cost effective and efficient alternative to traditional construction.

Let us design a modular solution that meets your business needs and budget. Call us or inquire here for a free quote.
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Sagebrush has set the standard for high quality, affordable prefabricated structures. We combine the efficiency of off-site construction, with virtually unlimited design options, to deliver a modular building solution that suits your specific needs at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction. Reduced disruption to your daily operations and shorter construction times mean you can focus on what matters most...your business.

Sagebrush is turnkey. A team of expert designers work with you to customize your structure ensuring exceptional quality, aesthetics, and code compliance each step of the way. Our buildings are shipped factory-direct from our centrally-located facility in Tulsa and are installed in just hours at your site.

Quality, speed, and savings are just a few of the reasons why Sagebrush is your building solution.

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Constructed indoors, Sagebrush buildings are unaffected by weather, offer a consistent level of exceptional quality, and eliminate the site disruption that comes with conventional construction.
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Sagebrush buildings are as unique as your business. Your business needs are unique, so Sagebrush offers endless customization options that help you get down to business...your way.
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Sagebrush Building Systems offer virtually unlimited design and customization options to meet the unique demands of your business.
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Sagebrush structures offer a 'greener' alternative to conventional building construction through eco-friendly materials and practices.
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Sagebrush modular buildings save you time and money while providing you with the quality and flexibility you need.